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Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Larkano

Mission & Vision


To establish a trusted name in school examination and assessment system based on research and innovation and integrated with modern technology for disseminating quality education by refining Intelligence and building character of young generation to compete nationally and globally.


The BISE will take a lead role in educating and enlightening young generation through Good governance and participation of key stakeholders in decision making aimed at imparting quality education by conducting fair, transparent and authentic Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and other examinations for assessing student learning outcomes in remote areas of the country in general and in the Province of Sind in particular.



We adopt and set high standards in examinations and assessment which are accepted globally.


We have an environment which leads collective ownership of the organization by all stakeholders i.e. Students, Teachers, Parents and Employees which helps in creating trust, ensuring transparency and honesty.


We promote healthy competition which leads to we-feeling


We take all stakeholders on board in decision making process in order to have excellence.

Good Governance

We make accountable, transparent, responsive, equitable and inclusive decisions in accordance with law and implement them accordingly to achieve good governance.

Services delivery

All the departments are always ready to help promptly the stakeholders who interact with the organization.